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H-T Vulanized Silicone Rubber
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The siliconer rubber which we produce has excellent processing,good electrical insulation,electric resistance, hydrophobicity,fire resistance,anti-tracking,has reached 1A4.5level. The two type of mold and injecion molding can be nore fit different process requirements of users.Applicable to the production of various specifications of the composite insulator, lighthing arrester and railway, city light rail eledtrification lines such as high and low voltage electrical accessories.

Our silicone rubber passed a full set of type testing according to IEC61109, including 1000h ageing test,hardness testing,anti-tracking and elestrical erosion test(1000h salt water spray test),passed 5000H aging test according GB/T19519,while passed 11 tests of extra-high voltage composite insulator the technical standards DL/T376-2010

※ The main technical parameters

For the amount of sulfide to squeeze,liquid bis-2.5,electric insulativity passage of test block vulcanization conditions:175℃*minutes

Note: the color and electrical properties can be produced according to customer specific requirements.

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