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Wishpower’s Testing Facilities for Zinc-oxide Arrester Are Ready
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Based on its future development plan, Wishpower treats the reliability and safety of its composite housed zinc-oxide arresters and thermo-explosive disconnectors as its core competitiveness. In addition to special features in the structure design and production of zinc-oxide arresters, Wishpower also further improves the process testing methods.

Wishpower has established a cooperating relationship with EPCOS which is a foreign-funded enterprise established by Siemens (Germany) in China and specializes in manufacturing MOV blocks. The external insulation of MOV blocks uses epoxy resin weftless reticulation structure which highlights good explosion-proof effect, small partial discharge, and excellent mechanical performance. Silicone rubber molded on the arrester core is produced by ourselves with strict quality control. Undergoing all kinds of working conditions for more than 15 years, such as extreme cold environment, hot and humid climate, and the hot desert condition, our silicone rubber turns to be good in performances with each indicator decay in line with the standard requirements.

Wishpower pays special attention to the influence of workshop environment and sanitary condition on product quality. To ensure arrester quality from infrastructure aspect, we have installed air shower and constant temperature and humidity equipment, and prepared working clothes and shoes for operators according to the standard of sterile operating room.

Equipment we purchased includes: 1. multi-function impulse current generator for 2ms square wave, 8/20μs lightning wave, 4/10μs high current, and 30/60us operating wave tests on MOV blocks; 2. AC aging test equipment for AC accelerating aging test on MOV blocks; 3. MOV Block DC Parameter Tester for DC reference voltage and leakage current tests; 4. Dual-station arrester digital test system for power frequency reference voltage, partial discharge, and power frequency current tests on arresters; 5. BGG80-DC high voltage generator for DC reference voltage and leakage current tests on arresters.

Wishpower targets its market in America and Europe and strives for providing excellent quality products for manufacturers in electric utility industry. We never sacrifice our quality to cater low-end market. Bearing the enterprise concept of “pursuing excellent quality, providing over-valued service, realizing win-win effect” in its mind, Wishpower won many international partners, which laid a solid foundation on its future international strategy.

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December 1, 2019

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