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Wishpower Is Conducting Annual Staff Training as Planed
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Facing the situation of the increasing price of silicone rubber for composite insulators, cash payment term, and rising labor cost, Wishpower set a goal of “stabilizing product quality and improving production efficiency” for 2019 to seek its survival and development.

Since March, Wishpower has hired experienced professional trainers with more than 10 years' production management experience in Japanese enterprises to give lectures to the team leader and middle-level front-line staffs. All the attendees were required to take notes, study hard, and interact with the trainers on site.

At the same time, Wishpower let the person in charge of technology, process, quality inspection, production and other departments give lectures to all employees based on production procedures and key points of quality control in order to improve efficiency under the premise of ensuring product quality. Participants also used the "Fishbone Diagram" to analyze causes and give solutions to problems at the scene. "PDCA cycle method" were suggested to solve problems and improve efficiency. The training achieved the expected effects: both employee’ initiative and the completion of the production task were satisfying. The training will last to October 30th.

Holding advanced production and testing equipment, Wishpower integrated design, development, manufacturing, technical consulting and sales services for high and low voltage electrical appliances and lightning protection products. At present, Wishpower mainly produces composite suspension insulators, post insulators, composite housing zinc oxide surge arresters, composite drop-out fuse cutout, HDPE insulators, and outdoor guy strain insulators for high-voltage transmission and distribution lines. Wishpower exports over 80% of its products to North America and European countries and has established a good cooperative relationship with well-known power equipment manufacturers and power transmission and installation companies worldwide.

Wishpower (Changzhou) Power Fittings Manufacturing Co., Ltd has started production as planned. By then, the output of electric power fittings and HDPE insulators will reach to 1,000,000 and 800,000 for one year, respectively.

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July 30th, 2019

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