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Mr.Nishimura,the president of the Japan Composite Industry Association visited Wishpower
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On November 20th,2018. Mr.Nishimura,President of Japan Composite Industry Association, accompanied by Mr.Wei liang Wu,General manager of SEKISUI China,came to Wishpower to conduct an inspection and exchange.

Mr.Ya Ming Wu,Chairman of Wishpower,personally received the guests and his party.The guests watched the company’s PPT introduction and visited the company’s product show room,high voltage test hall,Physical and chemical laboratory, material performance testing center and so on. Japanese guests have fully affirmed the production capability and company scale.

The products of Wishpower are exported to around the world.Products and markets are mainly concentrated in North America, Europe and southeast Asia.It has been exported to America, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy and Russia currently, and has been recognized by customers at home and abroad for its excellent quality, quick delivery and excellent service,we havegradually established long-term and stable cooperative partnership with customers, which has been praised unanimously by customers.

Wishpower information office

November 20th.2018

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